marsch des Lebens Holocaustüberlebende

Zoom-Meeting with Holocaust survivors and students

During the quarantine, students and teachers had to arrange themselves with home schooling and online lessons. At the same time, Holocaust survivors endured weeks of isolation and were unable to visit the March of Life House in Caesarea. Our team member there, Lesly Jiménez, regularly organized Zoom calls, so they could at least see each other.

Spontaneously, the idea was born to connect both groups with each other and to host Zoom meetings of Holocaust survivors and students on a regular basis. During one of these meetings, Arie Itamar told the attentively listening students in Paraguay of his life, how he had to escape occupied Odessa under dramatic circumstances and, after the war, came to Israel on the refugee ship “Exodus 1947”.

It was especially interesting for the children, as, at the time of his escape, Arie was the same age as they are today. At the beginning, they showed Arie a dance that they had practiced for two weeks.

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