Step 1 - Decide with an audible voice to be a light in your city

  • A voice against anti-Semitism and for friendship with Israel
  • Personal Remembrance (breaking the Veil of Silence, remembering the
    victims of the Holocaust)
  • Christian anti-Semitism
  • The March of Life combines the public voice against anti-Semitism with a
    personal discussion of the Holocaust and Christian anti-Semitism

Step 2 - Find out what a March of Life can look like / become practical

It is very easy to organize a March of Life, as well as to organize it in your city. A March of Life can take place with few or many participants. A particularly suitable  date is the Jewish Holocaust Memorial Day Yom haShoah in April/May. Watch a short video with the most important information on how to bring a March of Life to your city. 

Step 3 - Become part of the worldwide March of Life movement

Contact us at the March of Life office to get more information and support for a March of Life in your city.
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