Memories Alive ZOOM-Begegnungen mit Holocaustüberlebenden

The events of the Holocaust seem to lie far in the history. However, they are only a few generations away from us. The witnesses of the Holocaust, back then children and teenagers, still live among us. Each one of them has a deeply moving story to tell. Our generation is the last one to hear their stories first hand – and this is what we want to do in our new project ‘Memories Alive’.

During the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Holocaust survivors have been forced to endure weeks of social isolation, which often intensifies their traumas and evokes difficult memories. It is for this reason that March of Life has launched unique ZOOM-Encounters with befriended Holocaust survivors, groups of students and young people. The project has been met with great enthusiasm – both from the survivors as well as the young participants.

We invite you to gather a group of people and register to hear ‘Memories Alive’ on ZOOM. The March of Life staff will assist you with the preparations and arrange a meeting with a Holocaust survivor for you.


General conditions of participation

  • Please fill out the online application form.
  • Your application will be reviewed and confirmed if it meets the requirements.
  • Your group should consist of at least 5 participants.
  • Our offer is aimed at pupils, students and adults.
  • The meeting will take place via ZOOM. A good internet connection is required.
  • Please plan about 90 minutes for the meeting.
  • Before the meeting with the Holocaust survivor there will be a preparatory talk with the March of Life host.
  • We will try to connect your group with a Holocaust survivor who speaks your language. If it is not possible, the meeting will need to be translated.

What Holocaust Survivors say about the project

Call for Donations

It is our heart’s desire to give Holocaust survivors a voice. Since it will not be possible for us to hear their stories in person for very long, these meetings are worth every investment. Your donation will enable us to continue doing so in the years to come.

Memories Alive Zoom Meetings with Holocaustsurvivors

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