Visiting Friends – Encounters in the Sukkah

As part of the 1700th anniversary of Jewish life in Germany, the Jewish communities in Germany invited people to join them in celebrating Sukkot as a festival of encounters from September 20 to 27 under the title “Sukkot XXL.” The weeklong festival commemorates Israel’s journey through the desert during the Exodus from Egypt and is spent in fellowship with friends, neighbors and family.

In Tübingen, a sukkah was set up on Erev Sukkot, open to visitors for 24 hours. The TOS church in Tübingen started the feast together with the March of Life with a service on the market square, filled with creative performances, joy and dance. Numerous people stopped to ask questions and then lingered for hours in the cozy Sukkah.

Also in the March of Life house in Caesarea, Israel the Sukkah did not remain empty. An 88-year-old Holocaust survivor from Or Akiva enjoyed being able to sit in a Sukkah for the first time in many years, because she could no longer build one herself and had missed this experience. Holocaust survivors Shlomo ond Yael Hameriri also came to visit. Shlomo Hammer/Hameriri was born in Lviv in 1934. In 1941, the German Wehrmacht invaded the city. Shlomo tells that this day meant the end of his childhood. His grandfather was murdered before his eyes by SS men and their collaborators. After this cruel experience, he could not speak for a long time. Shlomo came to Israel on the refugee ship “Exodus 1947” and has already been on several Marches of Life.

Watch the Open Air Event in Tübingen here.


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