Poland at the time of the greatest crisis since the end of communism – and yet there is a future for reconciliation and healing!

In 2012, the first groundbreaking March for Life took place in Poland. The message of reconciliation reached hundreds of people at the numerous events across the country and thousands more through national and international media. Two years later, 500 German and Polish participants met for an extraordinary “German-Polish Friendship Conference” in Tübingen, in the atmosphere of speaking the truth to each other.

In 2019, on the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II, the German-Polish Friendship Conference took place just a few hundred meters from the place where the war began with the attack on Gdańsk. Under the motto “Poland and Germany in Friendship – Together for Israel,” 400 participants came to the Polish port city for a three-day conference, followed by the March of Life.

Over the past nine years, there have been many special moments and valuable relationships have been built. Now, however, Poland is in the most serious crisis since the fall of communism: dispute with the EU, breaking of diplomatic relations with Israel, rising nationalism and anti-Semitism, refugee war on the Belarusian border, internal polarization. This all leads to increasing isolation of the people. The ongoing pandemic has made it even more difficult to maintain relations.

Especially in this time of crisis, Jobst Bittner and a March of Life team travelled to Poland in December, met many friends, and discussed how, through the message of the Veil of Silence and through Marches of Life, light can be brought into the darkness together. Despite the isolationist tendencies of the current Polish government, it is about standing together and releasing God’s plans for Israel, Poland and Germany.

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