March of Life – KEEP ON MOVING

In times of the global corona crisis all plans are thrown overboard: All public events worldwide have to be cancelled. We are affected by that as well: Around Yom HaShoah on April 21, Marches of Life had been planned in many cities in Germany and all over the world. For now, the organizers have postponed the marches until the autumn. We will start making plans once we know when restrictions on public life will be lifted.

Unfortunately, times of fear and crisis are always times when antisemitism and hatred show their ugly faces. It is a time in which Israel needs our support more than ever. That is why March of Life keeps moving! In the coming weeks we will continue to raise our voices for remembrance, for reconciliation, for Israel and against antisemitism by the following:  

1. With the video blog “March of Life – Keep Moving” will share insight on topics of interest. For example, an overview on how antisemitism has always flared up in times of epidemics in history, and what we can do about it today.

2. The campaign #NOTALONEAGAIN encourages everyone to express their friendship and love to Holocaust survivors who suffer particularly from the present restrictions and isolation.

3. The international online conference on the Jewish Holocaust Memorial Day Yom HaShoah (April 21, 2020), will virtually raise an international voice of Holocaust remembrance and support for Israel. Many organizers have also planned local initiatives in their cities and countries. We will keep you updated.

March of Life keeps moving! Will you join us?

Help us to keep moving with your donation.

Many thanks and Chag Pessach Sameach from Tübingen!

Your March of Life Team

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