Warum es nicht ausreicht, „Nie Wieder“ zu sagen

27 January: Why it is not enough to say “Never Again”

On 27 January, the day of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp, the memory of the Shoa is the focus of attention worldwide. Celebrities from all spheres of society publicly declare: “Never again!”

But is that enough in the face of rising Antisemitism?
Auschwitz is a call that must teach us this:
It is good to say “Never again”, but more importantly, our words must be followed by action!

The March of Life is a multidimensional call for people to raise their voices publicly against Antisemitism. How you can be a part of it (perhaps for the first time) is explained by Jobst Bittner in the video, recorded at the Holocaust memorial in Netanja, Israel.

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