March of Life Conference 2022

With the Heart and on Foot:
Remembering, Reconciling, Taking a Stand!

7th International March of Life Online Conference
on February 11-12, 2022

With the Heart and on Foot: Remembering, Reconciling, Taking a Stand!

March of Life has become a global public voice for remembrance, for reconciliation and for Israel since 2007. In 2021, events have taken place in over 100 locations in 25 nations and you are an important part of it! But the challenge has not grown any less: Hatred, polarization and antisemitism often in the form of Israel hatred are exploding around the world, not least of all because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

How can we overcome indifference, emerge from our inner lockdown and become active? How can we become a credible voice in our time by working through our own family’s and nation’s history? Why is it so important to be wholeheartedly connected to Israel and the Jewish people? How can we make public statements through marches and demonstrations on foot?

We will address these and other questions at the 7th International March of Life Conference, the annual gathering of the international March of Life movement from over 20 nations.


Public Program

Sat, Feb 12, 2022, 7:30 pm: “Night to Honor Israel”, live on Youtube

  • Live Conversation with Holocaust Survivor and Writer Roma Ligocka (The Girl with the Red Coat)
  • Adress by Israeli Knesset Member Ruth Wasserstein-Lande on the Importance of Christian Support for Israel Worldwide
  • Cultural Program with Be’er Sheva and YC Dance
  • And much more…

Participation is possible without registration on this website or on our YouTube Channel.

Program for March of Life Organizers and Activists

Fri, Feb 11, 2022, 7:30 pm: International Christian Prayer Evening (on ZOOM)

Sat, Feb 12, 2022, 2 pm – 5 pm: March of Life Training and Networking Afternoon (on ZOOM)

Registration required.

If you are interested in becoming active with the March for Life in your city and participating in the staff conference online, write to info@marchoflife.org


Roma Ligocka (PL)

Roma Ligocka (PL)

Holocaust survivor and author of "The Girl in the Red Coat"

CC BY-SA 3.0 | Mgieuka

Ruth Wasserman Lande

Ruth Wasserman Lande

Knesset Member

Jobst Bittner

Jobst Bittner

Founder and Initiator of the March of Life

Heinz Reuss

Heinz Reuss

International Director March of Life

Night to Honor Israel


Also in 2022 we will not stop standing up for remembrance, reconciliation and worldwide for Israel and against anti-Semitism. With your donation, large or small, you enable us to continue this work and spread the message to more places and nations.
Become a supporting member and support the March of Life monthly: https://marchoflife.org/donate/


Breaking the Veil of Silence

Breaking the Veil of Silence

Jobst Bittner

Most likely you are more affected by the “Veil of Silence” than you think.
The “Veil of Silence” is passed down from generation to generation, preventing reconciliation, healing and restoration – in us personally, in families, in churches and communities, and in cities and nations.
Without realizing it, are we already part of the “silent majority” again and have nothing to offer the spirit of this age? Is there a way we can make spiritual breakthroughs and profound changes in our cities and nation?

Available in eight languages: English, French, German, Polish, Hungarian, Portuguese, Finnish, Russian.

16,95 EUR

Raise Your Voice and be a Light

Raise Your Voice and be a Light

Jobst Bittner

Our memory of the Holocaust fades quickly. Once again, day after day Jews are forced to face fear, violence, and intimidation. Antisemitism and Jew hatred exist in almost every country, in every city – worldwide. It is not enough to say “Never Again” to the Holocaust, if we want to prevent Jew hatred from turning violent and antisemitic defamation from spreading. Once again we have the choice to become passive accessories and incur guilt through our silence just like our forefathers.

It will touch you personally, inspire, and help you to make a difference with very practical steps.

Available in English and German.

12,95 EUR


Breaking the Veil of Silence Seminars (for every Nation)

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Marches on Yom HaShoah

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March of the Nations




January 28-29, 2022 – Online
Breking the Veil of Silence Seminar for every Nation – Part 1

February 25-28, 2022 – Online
Breking the Veil of Silence Seminar for every Nation – Part 2

April 28, 2022 – worldwide
Yom HaShoah

May 22-26, 2022 – Israel
March of the Nations 2022

December 12-18, 2022 – Tübingen/Online
Hanukka Days – Jewish-Christian Week of Encounters and Culture


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