STOP the Virus of Antisemitism!

International Online Conference 

Yom haShoah, April 21, 2020 

Throughout history, times of pandemics and epidemics in history have always been times when Antisemitism spread like a virus. We see how in conspiracy theories, Israel and Jews are associated with the spread of the corona virus. 

At the international Holocaust conference in Yad Vashem in January this year, some 55 heads of state from around the world committed themselves to actively combating Antisemitism in their countries. At a time of global corona crisis, we cannot sit by and wait for this to happen. 

On the occasion of the Jewish Holocaust Memorial Day Yom haShoah, the March of Life Movement is holding an international online conference. Even if marches cannot take place due to the worldwide restrictions, we raise our voice from 25 nations in memory of the Shoah, for reconciliation and to set a sign for Israel and against Antisemitism: 

In this time of the worldwide corona crisis we stand together, and together we declare: “Stop the Virus of Antisemitism!” To be active from home means to do the right thing to heal the nation! Tikkun Olam! 

The March of Life Online Event consists of two parts:


24-hour reading of the names of the victims of the Shoah 

Mon, April 20, 2020, 17:00 h (CET) until

Tue, April 21, 2020, 17:00 h (CET) 

Yad Vashem calls for a reading of the names of the victims of the Shoah as a form of remembrance in times of the corona virus, recording it on video and sharing it on social media platforms. 

The March of Life joins this call with the reading of the names, which will be streamed live 24 hours on YouTube. Every hour is adopted by March of Life organizers from different nations – the overview can be viewed here. 


International Online Conference 

“STOP the Virus of Antisemitism” 

Tue, April 21, 2020, 17:00 h – 19:00 h (CET) 

The live online conference brings together Holocaust survivors, March of Life organizers from over 20 nations, politicians from Israel and representatives of Jewish communities from around the world for a common commemoration. Together they stand for remembrance, for reconciliation, for Israel and against Antisemitism: 

STOP the Virus of Antisemitism – UNITED to be a Light.  


5-6 pm, Germany  

6-7 pm, Poland  

78 pm, France 

8-9 pm, Greece (9-10 pm local time) 

9-10 pm, Lithuania (10-11 pm local time) 

10-11 pm, UK (9-10 pm local time) 

11-12 pm, Dominican Republic (5-6 pm local time)  

12-1 am, USA (5-6 pm local Houston time) 

1-2 am, Paraguay (7-8 pm local time) and Argentina (8-9 pm local time) 

2-3 am, Peru (7-8 pm local time) 

3-4 am, Ecuador (8-9 pm local time) 

4-5 am, Colombia (9-10 pm local time) 

5-6 am, Bolivia (11-12 pm local time) 

6-7 am, Russia  

7-8 am, Belarus (8-9 am local time) 

8-9 am, Israel (9-10 am local time) 

9-10 am, Hungary 

10-11 am, Moldova (11-12 local time) 

11-12 am, Romania 

12-1 pm, Austria  

1-2 pm, Switzerland 

2-3 pm, Ukraine (3-4 pm local time) 

3-4 pm, Finland 

4-5 pm, Germany